Meet Dr. Jeffrey Gourdine

As a dentist, I have the ability to personally help someone. I can relieve them of pain, restore function to their mouth, and improve their self-confidence. Being able to make such changes for people I care about is humbling and rewarding.

Our practice cares for a diverse population. During my day I might be seeing a child at their first visit to the dentist, making sure they have a positive experience and leave looking forward to coming back. Then my next patient might be a grandparent, who’s come in because they need some in-depth treatment so they can comfortably and properly chew again. Later, it might be a checkup and exam with a college student home on break or someone who wants to beautify their smile.

I enjoy working with a variety of personalities and delivering personalized treatment to each. What works for one person’s needs is not necessarily the best approach for another. I encourage my patients to talk with me about their needs and care goals, so I can find the procedures that work for their unique situation.

I grew up in the small town of Pineville, SC and currently live in Summerville. My Doctorate in Dental Surgery was awarded at Howard University, College of Dentistry. When I’m not working, which is rare, I can often be found in my local gym. I’m passionate about physical fitness. I also volunteer once a month, providing free dental care for uninsured members of our community.

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