Meet Dr. Harold Rhodes III

Improving Lives, One Smile at a Time

I am honored and humbled by the trust and confidence my patients have in me. I take that responsibility seriously and strive to exceed each person’s expectations with every interaction. Genuine smiles and thanks at the end of a procedure let me know I’m achieving that goal.

Being a dentist allows me to change lives. When I move a person out of dental pain, I’m helping them return to enjoying life. When I restore the ability to comfortably and properly chew, that person is more comfortable and healthier. And when I make a smile even more beautiful, my patient feels better about themselves and happier with their appearance.

I love caring for a diverse group of people: all ages from all walks of life. The stories we share, and learning from each other, are the highlights of my day. My patients make me a better person and I thank them for that.

I’m blessed to have the best patients, associates, and staff. I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling or rewarding career.

Education and Continuing Education

My Doctorate in Dental Surgery was awarded at Howard University, College of Dentistry. I also completed a hospital residency at Meharry Hubbard Medical College. I, along with my associates, am committed to remaining at the forefront of developments in dentistry. Ours is an evolving field, with new technologies, treatments, and dental materials constantly being developed.

My patients trust me to provide them with leading-edge treatment. By actively pursuing continuing education, through meetings, seminars, and lectures, I ensure I’m current on all aspects of dental care.

Personal Life

I grew up in Walterboro and now live in Charleston. My wife is the Top Mom and Wife in the USA, I’m certain. My son recently received a degree in Home Land Security and my daughter is in her last semester at Duke University.

Some of my favorite ways to spend time include exploring art galleries, gardening, and pursuing photography.

I’m always striving to improve myself spiritually and through education. People are always watching, so I try to lead by example. As a team leader in the dental practice, I want the best for my staff and for my patients.

I love truth, honesty, diversity, my family, and Christ. I’m humble to have been ordained as a dentist and cannot imagine a more perfect life.

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